The Concept: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Parity

Every Finance presents four distinct opportunities, each carefully tailored to accommodate varying risk profiles and investment goals. Our offerings - ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, and PARITY - incorporate complex financial methodologies and state-of-the-art technology. Here's a closer look at each product:


Innovatively constructed for investors who favor aggressive growth strategies Alpha presents a robust proposition for higher potential returns, demanding a higher risk tolerance. It offers you an opportunity to amplify your yield potential while still adhering to the principles of risk parity, allowing you to manage risk and reward effectively. With Alpha, you're not just investing, you're strategically positioning your assets for potential substantial growth.

BETA Intelligently crafted for those seeking a broad market exposure. Beta is the optimal solution for investors expecting high returns from investing on the overall market. With Beta, you will get a portfolio of blue-chip and emerging alt coins that can generate an outsized return in a bull market. As a defensive measure during the drawdown period, the portfolio will shift towards overweight in top-performing, battle-tested vaults to offer a higher return, all underpinned by the guiding principles of risk parity.

GAMMA Specially designed for the cautious investor focusing on asset preservation. Analogous to the money market account in tradfi, Gamma provides a safe harbor for those seeking fixed income. This portfolio will contain mostly stablecoins, their equivalents or synthetic derivatives connected to real world assets (RWA) such as commodities. Therefore, Gamma aims to generate uncorrelated returns relative to the rest of the crypto indices.

PARITY βš–οΈ Personalized financial NFT that meets your risk preference. Parity offers the ultimate epitome of balanced, bespoke crypto portfolio. It aims to deliver an optimal risk-adjusted return while protecting your downside all based on your risk profile. Investing in Parity isn't just about buying a token; it's about aligning your crypto investments to a tried-and-true methodology that could make you money consistently through "all weathers" through both the bull and bear cycles based on your evolving risk tolerance.

Each product offers an optimal risk-reward balance tailored to your investment preferences. Investing in these products enables you to enjoy the benefits of diversification and yield farming without the necessity for continuous monitoring and rebalancing, thereby saving you valuable time and effort.

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