What's Coming: Public Roadmap

At Every Finance, we believe in transparency and keeping our community informed about our plans and progress. Here is a glimpse into our upcoming plans and features on our public roadmap:

  1. Enhanced User Interface: We're constantly working to make our platform more intuitive and user-friendly. Expect a series of updates focused on improving the user interface and experience.

  2. New dETF Additions: We will be continually evaluating and adding new dETF to our platform. These additions will provide our users with more opportunities and diversification options.

  3. Advanced Portfolio Management Tools: We will introduce advanced tools for managing your portfolio more efficiently. These tools will provide deeper insights into your investments and help optimize your investing and yield farming strategies.

  4. Community Features: We understand the power of community. We will be introducing new features to facilitate better communication, collaboration, and community-building within Every Finance.

  5. Educational Resources: To help both seasoned and new users understand the dynamics of Crypto investing and yield farming, we will be creating comprehensive educational content and resources.

  6. Partnerships and Integrations: We will be seeking strategic partnerships and integrations to further enhance the capabilities of Every Finance and offer more value to our users.

  7. Sustainable Reimbursement Completion: We're committed to making all affected users whole again. Our plan is to complete the reimbursement process in a sustainable and fair manner as soon as possible.

Please note that this roadmap is subject to change as we continually prioritize and adapt our plans to best serve our users and the broader community.

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