Our Commitment: The Reimbursement Strategy

Following the unfortunate security incident that occurred during our time as Formation Fi, we made a commitment to our users: We would do everything in our power to make things right and ensure everyone affected by the incident was made whole.

Our reimbursement plan involves dedicating 2% of the profits generated from Every Finance's performance fee towards reimbursing affected users. The more successful the platform, the quicker we can fulfil this commitment.

To accelerate the reimbursement process, we have an incentive for users who stake liquidity: they will receive their repayments faster. This is an expression of our appreciation for the trust and support of these users.

We are developing a dedicated dashboard for affected users. Through this dashboard, they will be able to see exactly what they are owed and keep track of their individual reimbursement process. The data for this dashboard is obtained directly from on-chain data, meaning we already know who was affected by the incident and what they are owed. There is no need for users to submit any claims or provide further information.

Please note that the complete reimbursement might take some time, depending on the platform's success. However, our commitment remains unwavering: We will do everything in our power to make all affected users whole again.

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