Welcome to Every Finance

Every Finance delivers the next generation of investment opportunities by introducing our users to the world's first decentralized exchange-traded funds (dETFs)

Our revolutionary funds harness the power of multiple assets across all major blockchains creating composability which is rebalanced using our propriety algorithms focusing on the risk parity principles. This approach to the way crypto investments are managed allows Every Finance to democratize the advantages and upside potential of a traditional hedge fund with the massive diversification of an index fund traditionally exclusive to a few, regardless of investment size or financial experience.

We are aware of the challenges in both time and resources that are required to identify and manage a large selection of crypto assets. Our goal is to provide simple, secure and effective portfolio management. In a volatile space with so much uncertainty, we remain committed to optimisation providing an intuitive and reliable platform for crypto enthusiasts and investors alike. We're excited to have you join us on this journey as we work to redefine the DeFi landscape. We believe that with Every Finance, Every user has the opportunity to access optimized yield farming strategies, making the most out of their crypto assets.

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